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Which Is The Best Option To Buy A Flat In Bachupally Hyderabad: 2BHK Or 3BHK?

Bachupally, a rapidly expanding residential area in Hyderabad’s North West Zone, has become a hotspot in the real estate market. Due to its convenient connectivity and economical supplies, buying a flat in Bachupally would be worthwhile. A great way to live a decent and comfortable life with all the amenities nearby is to purchase a home in this neighborhood.

There are some difficult choices you must make when purchasing a home. Although the only differences between a 2BHK and a 3BHK flat can be their size and price, there are a lot more factors that will vary based on the decision you ultimately make. This blog will assist you in choosing between 2BHK flats and 3BHK flats in Bachupally when it comes to making a real estate investment decision.

Pros Of 2BHK Flats For Investment In Bachupally, Hyderabad

It makes sense that 2 BHK apartments in Bachupally are affordable and appropriate. They are primarily made for small, tightly packed families. Again, these are more readily available than the three-bedroom flats in Bachupally. A recent survey indicates that the majority of home buyers continue to pick 2 BHK apartments as their preferred choice.

Prices That Are Trending

The first consideration when investing in a home is the price. As a result, the cost rates of the houses are something that both investors and purchasers need to consider. Most people belong to the middle-class income category. As a result, the market for 2 BHK flats in Bachupally can easily reach its peak demand.


The younger generation favours nuclear over joint families. The ease of maintenance is one reason why a well-sized 2 BHK flat in Bachupally can be advantageous to you. In most families today, working people make up most of the members. Consequently, they are unable to devote much time to clean the home.

Space Utilization

Bachupally’s 2 BHK apartments are already getting more luxurious at a reasonable price for prospective homebuyers. While still cosy, these apartments are spacious. You may utilize the area well and optimize it. The nuclear family system benefits most from it.

Value at Resale

Cost is a crucial factor in the Indian real estate industry. Any person who plans to buy a new home must also consider several other factors. You can increase the resale value by investing in a 2 BHK new apartment.

Pros Of 2.5 BHK Flats

A 2.5 BHK home is ideal with nuclear families’ eventual rise and development. For single people and those with small families, a new apartment in Bachupally is an excellent option.

One of the main advantages of owning a 2.5 BHK flat is that it can be used as a side business, among other advantages. You have additional space.

Pros Of 3BHK Flats For Investment In Bachupally, Hyderabad

Larger families are encouraged to acquire 3 BHK flats in Bachupally, Hyderabad. A 3 BHK apartment is always a better choice than a 2 BHK apartment for the following reasons:


The most crucial aspect that influences your home decision is your budget. According to research, a 3BHK apartment is more reasonably priced than a 2BHK apartment in size and a number of rooms. In reality, a 3 BHK apartment only costs 20–30% more than a 2 BHK one. It makes sense to purchase a 3 BHK flat at Bachupally because the price difference is small.

Abundant Space

Everyone prefers to live in a large, spacious home. 3BHK apartments offer greater space in Hyderabad. Most families have between 4-6 members; thus, 3BHK flats are the best option. Everyone can stay in the apartment pleasantly. Even if you have a family of two to four, the extra rooms can be used as an office or guest rooms.

Easy Access To Loans 

Your choice of home size is also influenced by the loan or mortgage amount. You should always choose a 3 BHK apartment if the loan amount is higher and the interest rate is lower. If the loan amount is lower, but the interest is significantly higher than the 3 BHK, this is not the best choice. You won’t be able to afford it, and it will go over your budget. 2 BHK apartments are the most excellent and cost-effective choice.


The city planning of Bachupally, Hyderabad, is a critical factor in recommending 3 BHK apartments as an investment. Most reputable gated communities provide three-bedroom apartments. You might need to relocate outside the city to get a 2 BHK apartment. Connectivity and transportation issues may result from this.


A home is a long-lasting asset. Planning your home to meet your needs now and in the future is advised. In areas like Bachupally and Hyderabad, being connected is crucial. Considering the above-mentioned factors and a few more, purchasing a 3BHK apartment is much more practical. Gothic homes offer both varieties with excellent facilities and amenities. However, the choice is yours. Decide after giving it some thought.