FAQ – Pentagon Clouds

What is the total land extent of Pentagon Clouds?

Gothic Pentagon Clouds is spread across 4.175 acres of prime real estate land in the heart of Bachupally.

How many residential blocks does the project have?

The project has been divided into 5 residential blocks that have been planned and placed to perfection to be 100% Vaastu compliant.

How many flats does Gothic Pentagon Clouds have?

There are 444 flats to choose from at Gothic Pentagon Clouds. Each apartment has been carefully crafted to deliver a spacious living experience for loved ones of all ages.

How many floors does each block at Gothic Pentagon Clouds have?

Each apartment block at Gothic Pentagon Clouds is made up of 12 floors.

How many flats are present on each floor?

Each floor in blocks A & B has 8 flats. In blocks C & E there are only 6 flats per floor and Block D has 9 flats per floor.

What are the different unit sizes available at Gothic Pentagon Clouds?

Gothic Pentagon Clouds offers a wide range of apartment sizes to choose from. They are 1305, 1625,  1810, 1845, 1815, 1970, 1990, 2040, and 2250 sq. ft.

The apartments at Gothic Pentagon Clouds face which direction?

Every apartment at Gothic Pentagon Clouds has been designed to face either east or west direction.

Which direction does the main entrance of the project face?

The main entrance of the project is south facing.

How many mortgage flats are available at Gothic Pentagon Clouds?

Gothic Pentagon Clouds has 37 mortgage flats available.

What is the common area percentage of the entire project.

The common area percentage of Gothic Pentagon Clouds is about 27%.

What kind of open spaces are there in the project?

Gothic Pentagon Clouds has over 67% of open spaces that you can enjoy. From jogging/walking track to seating area for elders, the project lets you live an active and open life.

How much of the project comes under the construction area?

33% of the project is construction area.

What kind of car parking facilities does the project have?

Every block has 2 basements + stilt for car parking which provides ample parking spaces for all residents.

How is the car parking allocated to residents?

Car Parking allocation will be truly and genuinely does on Lottery Basis at the time of Actual possession.

Does Gothic Pentagon Clouds have a Clubhouse?

Yes, Gothic Pentagon Clouds has an expansive and spacious G+5 storey clubhouse that’s over 30,000 sft in size.

What kind of amenities does Gothic Pentagon Clouds have?

Gothic Pentagon Clouds offers its residents an amazing range of amenities. Apart from the 30,000 sft clubhouse, the project also has an open air gym, library, badminton & squash courts, spa, entrance lounge, basketball court, jogging/walking track, skating rink, A/C gym, aerobics, creche, seating area for elders, associate rooms, cricket net practice, lawns, yoga, open party area, rooftop swimming pool, visitors parking, amphitheater, children’s play area, indoor games, ATM, supermarket, clinic pharmacy, A/C guest rooms, presentation walls, multipurpose halls, home theater, and car wash facility.

Are all the blocks of the project being constructed simultaneously?

Gothic Pentagon Clouds is being constructed in a phase-wise manner with an estimated completion and handover taking place in 2025.