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Importance of Vaastu for Home and Are Gothic Homes Vaastu Compliant?

The term Vaastu Shastra is a Sanskrit term that interprets the “science of architecture.” It consolidates several architectural design ideas including space arrangement, layout, dimension, spatial geometry, ground preparation, and measurements. The guidelines have been said to come from the ancient Indian knowledge embraced in the “Vaastu Vidya.” 

In fact, buildings that are carefully constructed using the principles of Vaastu Shastra provide a healthier living space with a stronger energy balance. Such features and beliefs give you positive vibes making them an ideal concept. 

Moreover, the idea behind Vaastu Shastra is the combination of functional architectural designs that incorporates nature and spiritual beliefs. This principle was used in late Indian construction and is continued in modern architecture as it states the core importance of Vaastu for home.

Importance Of Vaastu Shastra

Though Vaastu Shastra was briefly created for temples, however, reflecting its benefits, people began applying its principles in building creation and land construction.

Even later, after realizing the efficient result from renovation people started designing hospitals, offices, industries, and infrastructure of schools and colleges in a similar pattern following Vaastu principles. 

In fact, now this extraordinary yet basic wisdom of elements and directions is visualized in building agricultural farms, vehicles, gardens, and surprisingly in business cards as well.

Vaastu Shastra is somewhat the same as the one practised in the ancient period, indeed the approach has been enhanced as per the current needs. Nevertheless, the central idea still remains the same based on Vaastu-compliant architectural construction descending from the Vedic sutras. 

Now, Vaastu has two main components- the shape of structures and the directions. The shapes or say configurations represent any rectangular or square or bar-shaped or wheel-shaped plot out of other configurations.

On the other hand, the directions are represented as Eesanya meaning North East (water), Vayuvya meaning North West (Air), Agneya meaning South East (Fire), and Nyruthi meaning South West (Earth). 

Apart from the above-mentioned components, you should know the other 12 principles: privacy, furniture requirement, aspect, prospect, circulation, roominess, grouping, sanitation, flexibility, elegance, economy, and several practical considerations utilized in planning any sort of structure.

Benefits of Vaastu Shastra According to the Directions

If you are looking to buy an apartment or any possession, you can ensure healthy and positive vibes for yourself. Here are some Vaastu benefits:

The entrance of the house should be positioned either towards the north or the northeast which is an ideal direction for sunlight to enter the house. Any house needs to have a good amount of natural light.

The houses in the gated community apartments in Bachupally have great ventilation systems located either to the north or an east-facing balcony which is considered ideal.

Bedrooms should be placed in the south, or say southwest or the west. Locating it in any other direction can drag problems like sleeplessness, anxiety or short-tempered behaviour.

The kitchen is resembled the ‘Aagneya’ or is considered the fire element so it should be positioned in the southeast corner of the house.

The bathroom location should be either in the southern or the southwest corner, this will ensure sufficient ventilation and will maintain an infection-free atmosphere.

Your house should not have a staircase in the middle as it might block the natural sunlight and in fact, make the house congested.

An ideal location for a living room is the centre of the house so that the natural light can spread through the area and will ensure positivity.

Gothic Vaastu Home Compliant

Vaastu is neither a faith nor any religion, however, it is an ancient science of architecture and construction. It is said that evoking the five elements in Vaastu (Earth, fire, water, space, and air) and giving a living space properly clean and clutter-free will definitely enhance your mental skills to an extent. 

There are Gothic-structured houses that seem cluttered and free and show a bright sign of an enlightened mindset. Such house infra promotes happiness and brings healthiness to a person. Proper implementation of Vaastu in construction can also advance the awareness and alertness of the mind.

Apart from just buying any possessions, you can give a Gothic Vaastu-compliant home or any gated community apartments in Bachupally a try for greater benefits with the ideal placement of furniture and allocation of different rooms in the right direction of the house. 

Energy Balancing | Vaastu-compliant constructed homes consider natural elements and identical principles to harmonize the energies from the moon, earth, cosmos, the sun, light and wind.

Customization Services | The northeast corner has more positive energy, so practice meditation or spiritual activities to improve physical and emotional health.

Relationship Compatibility | Vaastu-compliant home declutters the issues within your house and lets positive energies flow. It is a good omen to harmonise healthy relationships.

Financial Growth | Applying appropriate application of Vaastu principles has its own potential to enhance your economic condition.

Bonus: Vaastu Tips for New Home

You can try out these few tips for your destined home:

  • Hang a cool-designed nameplate outside the main door.
  • Never place a mirror in front of the bed
  • Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.