Explore 3 BHK Flats for Sale in Bachupally, Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, Gothic Living Spaces, an ISO-certified real estate development, and construction company have established benchmarks for residential construction. A team of seasoned real estate experts who had previously collaborated on over 24 different infrastructure development projects founded the company in 2010. With their unwavering dedication and perseverance, Gothic Living Spaces has mastered the art of creating homes, making them a force to be reckoned with within the real estate sector.

More than 3,00,000 square feet of living space spread over 15 successful residential buildings constructed by the Gothic Group. Over 500 satisfied clients are a testament to the company’s dedication to creating smart living environments of the highest caliber.

The company has built beautiful residential apartment complexes in prestigious districts of Hyderabad, including Madhapur, Kukatpally, Kavuri Hills, and Bachupally, to name a few, appreciating its attention to the needs of its customers in terms of quality, comfort, and accessibility. Their outstanding effort has caused an astounding 300% increase in the value of their houses over time.

The future is bright for Gothic Group, which is now developing more than 12,000 sq. ft. of 2 & 3 Bhk flats for sale in Bachupally’s residential space. The company intends to keep providing the best residences in Hyderabad for the foreseeable and apocalyptic future and remains dedicated as always to the requirements and desires of its clients.

List of Completed Projects by Gothic Group

  • Gothic’s Pinnacle, Bowrampet
  • Gothic’s Pavilion, RK Layput, Pragathinagar
  • Gothic’s Photon, Simhapuri, Bowrampet
  • Gothic’s Pride, RK layout, Pragathi Nagar
  • Gothic’s Pura Vida, Simhapuri, Hyderabad
  • Gothic’s Prithvi, NRI Colony, Pragathi Nagar
  • Gothic’s Pramodam, Pragathi Nagar
  • Gothic’s Parnakuteer, Pragathi Nagar
  • Gothic’s Pranavam, Pragathi Nagar
  • Gothic’s Paramount, Pragathi Nagar
  • Gothic’s Paradise, Pragathi Nagar
  • Sowparnika Pleasure, Srinivasa Nagar, Kukatpally
  • Gothic’s Planet, Pragathi Nagar
  • Yalavarthi-Placid, Nizampet, Kukatpally

List of Ongoing Projects by Gothic Group

  • Gothic Pentagon Clouds, Bachupally, Hyderabad: 1305 – 2320 Sq ft.
  • Gothic Pangea, Bowrampet, Bachupally: 1166 – 1625 Sq ft.

Gothic Group’s 3.5 Bhk apartments in Bachupally are high-quality houses at competitive prices. The apartments are constructed in a prime location with all the necessary amenities and are reasonable for this Bachupally apartment.

The projects by Gothic Group were thoughtfully designed and built with all amenities to complement your modern lifestyle and love of nature. It allows you to treasure both in perfect harmony. Your house will not only have beautiful interiors but also give you a general sense of being close to the splendor of nature. Everything in this place is intended to make you feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

Gothic Project Ideas For A Luxuriously Makeover

  1. A dramatic, dark, and minimalist living room
  2. Elegant and Sleek Gothic Room
  3. A contemporary apartment’s living space with tall Gothic windows
  4. A Luxurious Dark and Gothic Living Room
  5. A High-Arched Ceiling in a Castle
  6. Ornate furniture and dark walls in a gothic room
  7. Dimly lit room with lanterns and dried flowers
  8. Room with Gothic Arch Window that is Faux Painted
  9. Wood paneling and antique finishes decorate a gloomy Gothic room.
  10. A dimly lit living room with velvet chairs
  11. A luxurious room in black and silver with black wallpaper
  12. A room that’s dark green, with velvet furniture, and gold accents
  13. A darkly decorated fireplace in a gothic room
  14. Contemporary Gothic Living Room with Tall Windows
  15. Tall Paneled Windows in a Modern Gothic Apartment
  16. A Contemporary Gothic Room with Leather Furniture
  17. A straightforward and understated Gothic room with large windows
  18. Eye-catching basement living room with chandelier and tall mirrors
  19. Green Velvet Chairs in a Dark and Moody Room
  20. A gothic room with a leather sofa and thick drapes
  21. Room in Brown and Black Classic Gothic


Gothic Pentagon Clouds provides you with flats with seamless connectivity and a fantastic variety of conveniences at Bachupally, all within the community’s arm’s reach. In the center of Hyderabad, Gothic Pentagon Clouds offers a genuinely opulent lifestyle open to anyone. So despite being a short distance from the bustle of the city, you’ll never get lost and will always find yourself in one of the best environments for raising a happy life.

So, make the smart move by investing in a home at Gothic Pentagon Clouds before the opportunity passes.